I can say that DeathStorm Records is actually “partially on hold”. You can see that a new release is out since the 18th of December, 2020, but it’s another collaboration with my friends Eresia and Andromeda Relix (the last DeathStorm release was their “Aìresis” album), I can’t say no to Massimo and Eresia… too perilous!


I’m trying to sell out all titles in distro (ask me the list, if you want, everything’s for 3€, 5€ or 7€ + shipping) and I’m not going to work with other bands (so, don’t write again please, I’ll not answer to anyone).

Even if “on hold”, I can trade the same. Just consider that if you can’t see any answer from me, it’s because I’m not interested in trading with titles you’re proposing me (or maybe I already traded with you and I still have titles from your label).

It was (and still is, in some ways…) a great adventure, but at the moment I can’t really help any bands in a right way (less time, and sincerely less interest…), so I prefer to “switch off”, even if only time will tell… cheers!