AEternal Seprium

Fabio Privitera – Vocals
Adriano Colombo – Guitars
Leonardo “Unto” Filace – Guitars
Santino Talarico – Bass
Matteo Tommasini – Drums
Genre: Heavy Metal
Formed in: 2007
Status: On Hold
The band was born at the end of 1999 under the monicker Black Shadows and its line up is nearly the same as the beginning. Leonardo Filace (guitars), Matteo Tommasini (drums) and Santino Talarico (bass), the founding members of the band, are still active.
In 2002 Stefano Silvestrini (vocals) became band’s vocalist.
In 2007, the band won a metal contest named Bugella Extreme Metal Contest, organized by Occultum Production from Ossian (band leader of Opera IX), and recorded the first 4 tracks demo with the name AEternal Seprium.
“A Whisper From Shadows” was positively reviewed by many Italian webzines (TrueMetal, Holymetal, Hardsounds, Metalwave, Hard’n’Heavy).
In 2009 Adriano Colombo (guitars) became the 5th member of the band.
In 2010 AEternal Seprium recorded a new 4 tracks demo entitled ”The Divine Breath Of Our Land”, starting a thick live activity becoming opener for bands like Omen, Phantom X, Tokio Blade, White Skull etc.
In 2011 the band entered Nadir Music roster, who supported them in the making of the first full length “Against Oblivion’s Shade”.
AEternal Seprium’s highlight is surely the ability to mix musical elements from other styles and genres. You can easily noticed thrash riffs combined with epic melodies as a background.
In February 2013 the band plays in Greece supporting Brocas Helm.
In the same year, after 11 years together, AEternal Seprium decided to part with Stefano Silvestrini in a friendly way, due to musical differences.
In 2014 Fabio Privitera (vocals), already member of Sound Storm and previously Bejelit, became new band’s vocalist.
In the same year they are opener for Festival, supporting many Italian bands and the headliner Manilla Road.
In 2016 the band signs a deal with DeathStorm Records, for the release of their second full length “Doominance”, officially released the 1st of October 2016.
A Whisper From Shadows (2007, Self released)
The Divine Breath of Our Land (2010, Self released)
Against Oblivion’s Shade (2011, Nadir Music)
All Fear the Axeman (2012, My Graveyard Productions)
Doominance (2016, DeathStorm Records)