For any informations, feel free to write to: info (at) dstormrecords (dot) com

We actually don’t know what future will reserve to DeathStorm Records: so, thank you for your consideration, but we can’t help you with your album up to now.

All bands: please notice that automated messages (like MailChimp or similar) will not receive an answer; not to be hypocrite, we use MailChimp to spread the word, but consider we’re asking to publish our news or reviewing our releases, not to sign a deal… so, take 5 minutes to write us spontaneously, we’ll do the same!

NOT Italian bands: up to now we’re focusing only on Italian underground, so don’t expect an answer from us if you send your material by EPK or by regular mail.

Italian bands: actually all our energies converge in promoting/trading recent releases, and there are no plans for future months: anyway, you can submit an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to the e-mail above, or send your physical demo here (but write first, maybe we’re not interested at all, you can save a cd and money for shipment):

Via I° Maggio, 1i
21040 Gerenzano (VA)

We try to be as kind as possible and to answer everyone of you, Italians or not, but sometimes we can forget to reply your questions: yes, you read correctly, we just forget to reply! Since we’re not Metal Blade, Earache or Century Media, we don’t receive tons of proposal, so it’s easier to reply all; but if you cannot read anything back from us, it’s just an oversight, don’t get angry!