Enrico Pulze – Vocals
Denis Gottardo – Guitar
Giorgio Piga – Bass
Loris Poletti – Drums, Keyboards
Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
Formed in: 1999
Status: On Hold
The Controsigillo got together by the end of 1999 thanks to the willing of the singer Enrico Pulze and the guitarist Simone Costadone. The two, after sharing previous musical experiences and then building a great friendship throughout the years, decided to start this project, in order to create something bound to resist in the years to come. They began with great ambitions, but made sure to move short steps and to preseve in their job without running the risk to burn out.
In January 2000 the two found the missing elements: Giorgio Piga was called to play bass, Salvatore Mango drums and Davide Manna guitar. With this line-up, still lasting today after a reunion in 2012, the band started to presenti covers in local clubs in order to make a name for themselves and to get familiar with playing live.
In April 2003 the band decided to enter the studio to record a demo, just to see if “they were able to get something good in studio as well as live”. This is how a 10 minutes promo called “Chaos 3.9.1.” came out, including two old songs “Arabian Chaos” and “Experiment 3.9.1.”
Live playing is still fundamental for the band, the live exhibitions successful, and this gained the band a quite good number of fans even outside the local belt.
After a change of line up, Simone Cappato (today in Drakkar and Mortuary Drape) joined the band. The band played more than 200 live gigs with this line up, but some health and personal problems stopped the band activity. Only in the end of 2011 the band started to work for a new promo named “CONTROSIGILLO”, self released in 2012.
The band doesn’t belong to any musical genre in particular; that’s never been their main purpose, many are the musical influences just as prog rock from the seventies, Bay Area thrash, the Beatles, extreme metal… and so on. In 2013 Loris Poletti officially joined the band as a drummer and in September, a 4 tracks ep live named “Live From The Past” was released.
From the 4th of March 2015, the new 7″ “Baghdad” is out for DeathStorm Records!
From February 2016, Controsigillo is a 4 piece band, with the new entry Denis Gottardo on guitar.

Chaos 3.9.1. (2003, Self released)
Controsigillo (2012, Self released)
In Chaos We Live (2012, Self released)
Live From The Past (2013, Self released)
Chao 3.9.1. – 10 Years Edition (2013, Self released)
Baghdad (2015, DeathStorm Records)