Andrea Attollino – Bass
Ilario Figallo – Drums
Ares Movio – Guitars
Emiliano Pressacco – Guitars
Massimo Cechet – Vocals
Genre: Techno Thrash Metal
Formed in: 1989
Status: Split Up
During the Summer of 1989, a new band called Desmodus (“vampire”, in the Latin language) was born, with its very first line-up consisting of Ares Movio and Andrea Varnier (guitars), Alessandro Cosolo (bass), Marco Cambi (drums) and Emiliano Movio (vocals). The ideas of Ares and Andrea set the band sounds to straight Thrash Metal from the beginning, but the line-up changed very soon: Massimo Cechet (vocals) and Andrea Attollino (bass), both formerly from Immortal Enemy, and Ilario Figallo (drums), formerly from Murder Angels, replaced the early members and formed the second Desmodus line-up.
The new members brought a more technical approach to the previous style, and the band became more and more popular thanks to local gigs. Another line-up change saw Andrea Varnier leaving the band for personal problems, replaced by Emiliano Pressacco: with this line-up, Desmodus signed with Fire Ball and recorded its only four tracks demo-tape “Human Wreck” (1992), that received many positive feedbacks from local press and specialized magazines. In the end, due to artistic divergences, Emiliano left the band and Andrea Varnier came back, before the band entered into oblivion and finally split up.
“Human Wreck” is finally on cd and it’s out in 2016 for DeathStorm Records.
Human Wreck (1992, Self released)
Italian Thrash Relics Vol. I (2016, DeathStorm Records / Rude Awakening Records)