Eresia – “Aìresis”


Aìresis” is the third album from Italian death band Eresia, active since 1996 with a whole career focused on the choice to sing in Italian. Despite many line up changes, Eresia have never stopped playing and after months of hard working, the band finally completed its discographic comeback, “Aìresis”, composed of 4 re-arranged and re-recorded songs taken from “Parole al Buio”, that will be ready within the end of January 2019 and will also contain 2 unpublished live songs and all the second album “Moto Imperpetuo”, actually sold out. For all true supporters of Italian underground movement!
Catalog #: DTSTR013
Release date: 25th January 2019
01. Dahmer
02. Fai o Muori
03. Parole al Buio
04. Habitat Brutale
05. Fragile [Live]
06. Silente Anelito d’Odio [Live]
07. Eresia (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
08. Es (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
09. Ultima Notte (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
10. Nato per Uccidere (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
11. Moto Imperpetuo (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
12. Acrono (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
13. Sei Solo (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
14. Altrove (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
15. Metamorfosi (from “Moto Imperpetuo”, 2001)
CD limited to 500 copies