Ignorance Flows

Massimo “Max” Bravi – Bass & Vocals
Claudio “Bonfy” Bonfante – Drums
Andrea “Andy” Reni – Guitars
Genre: Death Metal
Formed in: 1995
Status: Active
Born in March 1995 as Suicide, the band changes its moniker in Eresia, turning its style from punk to death metal without compromises. The whole band’s career has been focused on the choice to sing in Italian.
Active since 1996, Eresia played a lot of shows, also as supporting act of bands such Distruzione, Tankard, Novembre, Marduk, White Skull, Dew Scented, Natron and many more.
The band’s discography counts a demo released in 1998 and two full lengths, “Parole al Buio” (1999, unpublished) and “Moto Imperpetuo” (2001), which became a collector’s item and received enthusiastic reviews and excellent sales results.
Despite many line up changes, Eresia has never stopped playing and after months of hard working, the band finally completed its discographic comeback, “Aìresis”, composed of 4 re-arranged and re-recorded songs taken from “Parole al Buio”, that will be ready within the end of December 2018. “Aìresis” will also contain 2 unpublished live songs and all the second album “Moto Imperpetuo”, actually sold out. The album, also available in digital format, will be released by Andromeda Relix in collaboration with DeathStorm Records, and the CD release will be distributed by GT Music.
Eresia (1998, Self released)
Parole al Buio (1999, Self released)
Moto Imperpetuo (2001, Self released)
Aìresis (2019, DeathStorm Records / Andromeda Relix)