Furious Barking

Francesco Giaconi – Rhythm Guitar
Roberto Mattei – Vocals
Giorgio Olori – Bass
Massimo Ferranti – Drums
Fabio Bottazzo – Lead Guitar
Genre: Techno Thrash Metal
Formed in: 1989
Status: Split Up
Formed in 1988 in Ascoli Piceno (Italy), Furious Barking gathered under the influence of Thrash Metal earning in a few years a wide audience in the neighbourhood. In 1990 the band released “De-Industrialized”, an underground cult EP of speed/thrash with a progressive touch.
The band intensified its live activity (which lead it to perform with Vanadium, Stige, Algophobia, and more); gradually, the five Italian thrashers developed an apocalyptic power of expression which results in a powerful sound, as well as in complex, visionary songs.
With this formula Furious Barking recorded its second work and first full length “Theory of Diversity” in 1992, judged by the developers as an excellent piece of work, which however was not officially released until 2008 via Punishment 18 Records.
Later on, the band came across its first line up changes, but the arisen parallel commitments in other musical experiences gradually corroded the cohesion of the band, which died of a slow death in the end of 1993.
The recordings of “De-Industrialized” with the original mixing have been restored and offered in 2016 via DeathStorm Records.
By visiting this world, Furious Barking opened the gates of the de-Industrialized Age: it’s time to listen to them again.
De-Industrialized (1991, Self released)
Theory Of Diversity [Demo] (1992, Self released)
Theory Of Diversity [Full Length] (2008, Punishment 18 Records)
Italian Thrash Relics Vol. I (2016, DeathStorm Records / Rude Awakening Records)