Ignorance Flows – “Rotten Riot”

Rotten Riot

Rotten Riot” is the debut album from Italian thrash band Ignorance Flows, an old school ensemble born in 2014 to claim its place inside the Italian underground movement. With 10 “in your face” tracks, absolutely rooted in the 80s, Ignorance Flows mixes influences both from the German and the Bay Area thrash scenes, for all thrash metal lovers who are always in search for something new but old at the same time.
For all die hard supporters of old school thrash!
Catalog #: DTSTR012
Release date: 14th September 2018
01. Judgement Day
02. Rotten Riot
03. IH-870
04. Dead Man Truth
05. Lethal Virus
06. Last Act Of Violence
07. Society Wrecker
08. Zero Song
09. Demolition Of Reality
10. Ignorance Flows
CD limited to 300 copies