Marco – Vocals
Leader – Lead Guitar
Andromeda – Bass
Alex – Drums
Genre: Thrash Death Metal
Formed in: 2000
Status: Split Up
The project Metalheadz was founded in 2000 by Gianluca “Leader” Cristofoli together with Gianmarco “Andromeda” Diana. It was only at the beginning of 2003 that the band became settled. The recording session for the first 4 tracks promo started the same here at Remaster Studio (in Vicenza), during December. After the split with the first vocalist, due to health reasons, it took Metalheadz two months to find Max, his replacement. The promo was completed in July 2004. An intense live season was ready to start, and the band played a lot of gigs in the north of Italy and also in Germany; live activity carries on incessant till 2008, leading up to become well known in the underground circuit. After some line up changes, which caused a forced stop for the band, the quartet is fixed again during 2009, with two new members, Marco (Bleeding Hate) as vocalist and Alex (Goro, The Smokers) as drummer. During July 2009, after having renamed their proposal as “porn thrash metal”, starting to base all lyrics on that argument in a joking way, the band started to record the album “Squirting” at Diana Studio (Busto Arsizio, VA), the first full length from Metalheadz, ready for its release. The band released a 7″ split with Ancient Dome, entitled “Blast From The Future”, during 2013.
Actually the band is “on hold”.
Promo (2004, Self released)
Promo (2010, Self released)
Blast From The Future (2013, DeathStorm Records)