Fabiano – Vocals
Fausto – Lead Guitar
Diego – Rhythm Guitar
Angelo – Bass
Kama – Drums
Genre: Thrash Metal
Formed in: 1989
Status: Active
Pigspeed was born in late 1989, with the proposal to play thrashcore in the vein of bands like Slayer, S.O.D. and Suicidal Tendencies, also referring to thrash evolution and old school death metal.
Many bass players and vocalists have changed since the band’s birth, until it finally came to the actual line up in 1997: Fausto (lead guitar), Diego (rhythm guitar), Kama (drums), Angelo (bass) and Fabiano (vocals).
In 25 years of non stop activity, both live and studio, Pigspeed produced demotapes, cd demos and albums (chronologically): “Pigspeed” (demotape, 1992), “Off Men” (demotape, 1995), an advance tape in 2000, “Don’t Bring My Soul” (full length CD, Videoradio/Fonola, 2002), “Pride” (single from “Don’t Bring My Soul”, 2002), “Masterpiece” (new single, 2002), “Dirty Tails” (demo CD, 2005) and the new “25th Century Blood (full length CD, DeathStorm Records, 2014), the quintet’s studio come back, an “in your face” second album, full of all the distinguishing characteristics which helped the band to reach a great number of supporters during these 25 years spent “on the road”.
Pigspeed (1992, Self released)
Offmen (1995, Self released)
Don’t Bring My Soul (2001, Videoradio Distribuzioni)
Dirty Tales (2005, Self released)
25th Century Blood (2014, DeathStorm Records)