Ultimate Holocaust – “Assault On The Control Room”

Assault On The Control Room

Artwork by Andrew Pini
Assault On The Control Room” is the brand new and second album from Italian thrash metal band Ultimate Holocaust, born from an idea of Bianchi (ex Ancient Dome, ex Crazy Slaughter), Tambo (Soul Rape, ex Crazy Slaughter) and Floyd (The Killerfreaks, ex Crazy Slaughter). It comes 3 years after their first effort, “Blackmail The Nation”, out in 2015 for Earthquake Terror Noise. Exploring the Italian underground metal movement since 2010, originally as a Sodom tribute band, actually a quartet with Five (The Killerfreaks) as new entry on rhythm guitar, Ultimate Holocaust is able to mix a pure teutonic assault with a lot of melodies, a killer mixture well explained by the 10 songs contained in “Assault On The Control Room”, be ready to get thrashed!
Catalog #: DTSTR010
Release date: 1st May 2018
01. Born Like A Man, Die Like A Number
02. Man VS Machine
03. Lost In The Island Of Replication
04. Trapped In Quicksand
05. Impaled
06. Liliana [Instrumental]
07. In The Heart Of Illusion
08. Sound Of Death
09. Assault On The Control Room
10. Apocalypse Tomorrow
CD limited to 300 copies