From L to R: Alex, Leader & Pol
DeathStorm Records is an underground heavy metal label born from 3 friends who firstly wanted to share their music more professionally (we are members of Italian thrash band Ancient Dome and Italian thrash death band Metalheadz); our purpose was and still is to grow and release also other promising bands from the Italian underground scene, aim that we are trying to realize as well as we can.

Up to now, the only active member of DeathStorm Records is Pol.

Our target is mainly thrash, heavy, doom and death metal stuck in the 80s and in the first difficult years of the 90s; basically the so called old school, but played with personality and with heart (not always retrievable in many bands, ending up being a bad clone of their masters…)

Our aim is a sort of collaboration between band and label; this is not our work (unfortunately), so we cannot assure you the same “benefits” of other smaller and bigger labels. But we do everything driven by the fire of passion, so expect seriousness and dedication!